Information on coronavirus (COVID - 19) related measures

Dear Clients, Partners!

The KELER Group (KELER and KELER KSZF), as a critical infrastructure of the Hungarian capital and energy market, is prepared to provide its services in the event of a change of circumstances, in accordance with the recommendations of domestic and international organizations.

Hereby we would like to inform you about the key steps and measures we have taken to protect our employees and ensure business continuity:

  • Restricted business travel and personal meetings;
  • We have taken appropriate actions in accordance with the following official guidelines:
    • World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines
    • guidelines from national and international health agencies
    • public health service guidelines
    • instruction of the National Bank of Hungary
    • recommendation of the Hungarian Banking Association
  • Introduced self-isolation measures and home office for colleagues who have traveled to one of the vulnerable countries or who have had close contact with someone who has traveled to one of these countries;
  • We are ready to activate home office extensively in a short period of time once needed;
  • We coordinate with our suppliers on their coronavirus epidemic plans, including co-ordinating their collaboration;
  • We enhanced hygiene measures, including deep-cleaning of offices, continuous availability of cleaning and disinfection equipment, and promotion of recommended hygiene practices;
  • We keep our colleagues informed about the coronavirus situation and the measures implemented in the KELER epidemiology plan.
  • Visitors to the site of KELER Group are required to complete a questionnaire prior to the visit, including information on trips made during the last 14 days preceding the visit. If a foreign country is included in the travel destinations, entry to the KELER Group site will be automatically refused.      
    The statement can be downloaded from KELER website, which should be sent to !
  • Questions about the KELER Group's pandemic plan and actions taken can be asked at .

We ask our Clients to give preference to KELER's on-line services and mail delivery of documents in their administration, in order to minimize the risk of illness by minimizing face-to-face contacts!

We will continue to monitor developments related to the coronavirus closely and keep our Clients / Partners informed of the actions of the KELER Group.