RSS (Really Simple Syndication) means simplified communications published on portals and websites. As a user may want to read the news of more than one provider, RSS reading programs can aggregate several news channels.
With the RSS service customers can access contents on different portals simply. Information derived from various sources can be collected in a single well organized "table of contents". The advantage of RSS is that it is not necessary to continuously browse your favourite websites because a "selection" of the latest contents is home delivered.
Many RSS reader programs exist that can be accessed on a browser as well as independently installed programs are also available. The latest browser versions support RSS reading at functional level.
To use RSS is very simple, you need only is an RSS reader to save the RSS links of your favourite news channels. Registration for news groups is very simple: select the icon used for adding a new feed (e.g. "Add new feed") and paste in the link address of the news channel you want to follow.