Changes in the management of the KELER Group

New top managers have been appointed at the extraordinary general meeting of the KELER Group held on February 27, 2020: Mr Bence Marosi will be the Chief Executive Officer of KELER Central Depository Ltd., while Mrs Babett Kecskésné Pavlics will act as Chief Executive Officer for KELER CCP Central Counterparty Ltd.

Decisions were made on the change of the management of the KELER Group (KELER and KELER CCP) at the extraordinary general meetings of the companies held on February 27, 2020.

Mr Bence Marosi will follow at the helm of KELER and in the Boards of Directors of KELER Group Mr Attila Mónus who spent 2 and a half years in the position of CEO at KELER (following numerous positions earlier at the company). The new CEO joins KELER from UniCredit Bank where he worked as Business Development and Strategic Managing Director since 2015. Mr Bence Marosi has significant capital market experience, as investment and private banking product development and the sale of these services represented a significant part of his 20+ years banking professional experience. His 17+ years of management experience gained at leading multinational financial institutes is a guarantee that the KELER Group will be able to continue supporting the safe operation of the domestic capital market smoothly and to reach the strategic goals and complete the projects of special importance.

The new CEO and member of the Board of Directors of KELER CCP is Mrs Babett Kecskésné Pavlics who replaces Mr Károly Mátrai who managed KELER CCP for 10 years and worked for the KELER Group altogether more than 24 years.

Mrs Babett Kecskésné Pavlics also arrived from UniCredit Bank to the management of KELER CCP with 20+ years financial and capital market experience. Activities concerning investment services always had a significant role in her career (operative management, product management and sales), just like the communication with financial institutes. Her management experience gained at her previous workplaces, her results and her excellent working relationship with Mr Bence Marosi, the newly appointed CEO of KELER ensure the optimal utilization of the synergies between the members of the KELER Group (KELER and KELER CCP) and a tight cooperation.

Mr Bence Marosi: “I trust that with our experience in the fields of the capital market, business development and financial institutions, we will be successful with Babett in implementing the strategy of KELER Group in order to ensure the secure clearing and settlement of the domestic capital and energy market transactions in line with the international standards. We would also like to realize the goals of the Group that aim at developing KELER and KELER CCP into significant market players at regional and also at the European level.”