Information on KID system update – 25 January 2019

Dear Clients,

Please be advised that the KID system update will be completed  on 25 January 2019
  • SD68487 Cross Border order – USA place of settlement rule modification (mandatory Buyer BIC and account number)
  • SD67247 Cross Border order insert and delete places of settlement
  • SD68054 T700 statement – multirow narrative on print layout
  • SD70905 Security blocking for CEEGEX market – set KSZF as default beneficiary
  • SD71102 PVM order – override MIFID2 validation in case of inactivity

The installation will be completed with remote program update as usual. The package can be downloaded from 19:00. KID version number after the update process is 6.02-13(10)

Should you have any questions regarding the KID upgrade, the KELER Service Desk will be pleased to help you at phone number +36-1-483-6120 until 20:00 hrs.

With best regards,