15 years of KELER CCP

KELER CCP celebrates the 15th anniversary of its foundation in 2023, and on this occasion the greeting of CEO Ms Babett Pavlics can be read below

Dear Clients, Shareholders, Colleagues,

We are celebrating the anniversary of KELER and KELER Central Counterparty. After its foundation in 2008 and separation from KELER, it is the 15th anniversary for KELER CCP as an individual entity.

  • 15 years; 30 with KELER: this is KELER CCP.
  • 15 and 30 years: trust and partnership.
  • This is what describes KELER CCP best.

Trust – How could I begin with anything else when it’s KELER CCP’s mission to ensure security and stability of trading at the stock exchange. 
KELER CCP has always fulfilled its duties in these past years, even at the most demanding times. Even in the 1998 Russian crisis, the financial crisis in 2008, the brokerage scandal, or the energy crisis in the most recent past, KELER CCP has managed risks in thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of daily transactions in a professional manner and settled the transactions, at the same time supporting market efficiency at a considerable rate by using automation and netting. 

Partnership - The activities of a central counterparty begin at a point where a professional institution is commissioned by the stock exchange or a trading entity to administrate settlements. I’m proud that KELER CCP has been regarded as a partner by the Budapest Stock Exchange, the National Bank of Hungary, and all institutional players at the Hungarian capital market from the very beginning, and I want to take this opportunity to thank them all.
Since 2010, KELER CCP has been servicing energy markets as well, a very special niche of the commodities market. Gas and electricity exchanges controlled by MVM Group have been our priority partners for 13 years along with FGSZ Hungarian Natural Gas Transmission Co. Ltd. 
I’m confident that we are going to contribute to the security of Hungarian capital markets and energy markets with our capacities and know-how in the years ahead just like we have held on in every crisis in the past 15 years.

Last but not least, let’s not overlook the fact that partnership begins with our colleagues. KELER CCP’s successes depend on the knowledge, professionalism, and commitment of our staff. I’m proud to have been working with colleagues who have been with us since KELER’s initial years. Some of them joined KELER CCP with 15 to 20 years of financial and banking experience under their belt, and it’s even more delightful to see youth who entrust the first years of their career with us.

No success without an excellent team!
KELER CCP has proven in the as 15 or 30 years that a TEAM exists and successful teamwork exists at the Hungarian capital and energy markets. And this TEAMWORK is not limited to the internal organisation of the company but is extended to market players. This TEAM is not limited to a single sector but reaches beyond capital markets and energy markets. This TEAMWORK is not limited to Hungary but is extended to nearly all of Europe due to our EMIR licencing and energy services.

I’m proud to be part of this TEAM and let me take this opportunity to wish all our partners, clients, and colleagues a multiple of 15 years of success. 
Sincerely yours
Ms Babett Pavlics, CEO