Regulated market Clearing members obligation to submit the audited financial statements for the year of 2017 - Due date: 30 June 2018

Dear Regulated Market Clearing Members,

Please note that Section a) of the General Business Rules of KELER CCP Ltd. on the reporting obligation of regulated market clearing members includes the following requirement:

’the Clearing Member is obliged to forward the audited balance sheet and the profit and loss statement, together with the auditor report and supplementary notes to KELER CCP by 30 June of the next year’

At this time the audited financial statements for the year 2017 is required to be submitted until 30 June, 2018.

Pursuant to Section c) of our General Business Rules: ’The Clearing Member shall forward to KELER CCP the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement in line with the provisions of prevailing regulations, in original copy, with authorized signatures, or in equivalent PDF or image file format, or by providing the access route to a public and official Internet website, furthermore the Clearing Member shall simultaneously forward electronically such documents to KELER CCP, with content in line with regulatory requirements, in the form of an xls table.’

Should the Clearing Member fail to submit annual Financial Statements even by the fifteenth day following the deadline for submission (15 July, 2018), until receipt of the document KELER CCP is entitled to impose an additional financial collateral on the Clearing Member or to suspend the clearing right of the Clearing Member and to initiate the suspension of the trading right of the Non-clearing Members.

Based on the above mentioned, we ask you to fulfill your reporting obligation without further delay!

Our contact details related to the reporting requirement are as follows:

  • Mailing address:     KELER CCP Ltd., 1426 Budapest, POB 57
  • Registered office:   1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72. (R70 Office Complex) Floors IV-V.
  • Fax:                      +36 1 342 3539
  • Please send the requested documents to both of the following e-mail addresses:

The entire text of the above notice is available by clicking on the attachment below and in the folder of KELER CCP KID Info/Information.