Strategic directions, points of breakthrough

  • Stability
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability and availability
  • Cusmtomer focused
  • Prudent and transparent operation
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KELER CCP Strategy 2023-2028

With the end of its strategy for the previous period, KELER CCP analyzed in detail the opportunities and the inherent risks in its business lines, the available international benchmark information, its domestic and regional opportunities, and in particular, evaluated the current market and geopolitical trends, and the effects of the supervisory and legislative procedures. Based on all the above, the owners of KELER CCP formulated new strategic directions for the period of 2023-2028. 

Strategic direction – National flagship
The strategic directions of the period of 2023-2028 have been determined based on the most important values of KELER CCP, which are: stability, professionalism, reliability and availability, customer focused, prudent a transparent operation.

As a national flagship, KELER CCP provides - especially for the Hungarian capital market and the domestic energy markets - an added value as a risk management and clearing house competence center, in order to increase their safety, efficiency and stability.

Along the line of the above goal, as well as focusing on the current EMIR and regulatory requirements, the Company intends to maintain those activities, and focuses on those growth projects, where KELER CCP supports the operation and improvement of the partner markets as a central counterparty, direct clearing house of the market operators.

Strategic goals
  • As a national flagship, functioning as a central counterparty, supporting the market operators of the capital and commodity markets of the Hungarian economy in order to increase the developments, stability, safety and efficiency of the markets.
  • In order to obtain an adequate return on the capital investments of the owners, taking into account the risk, the aim of the KELER CCP is to operate profitably, exceeding risk-free return.
  • For the sake of sustainability and the adequate diversification, increasing of the clearing volumes, the number of clearing members and the range of cleared products, especially with product development, acquisition and market development initiatives, coordinated with the growth goals of our privileged partners in the domestic and regional capital markets and the domestic energy markets.
  • Increasing efficiency by at least maintaining, but increasing the level of service with strong cost control, increased automation and process improvement.
  • Maintaining the high level of customer service and the continuous external availability of the services.
  • Continuous strengthening of the brand of KELER CCP (reliable, professional, strong compliance, market-supporting, stable, customer focused clearing house).
  • As an excellent employer maintaining employee satisfaction, developing colleagues and cooperating professionals, thus contributing to the increase of the expertise available in the capital and commodity markets.
  • As an infrastructure specialized in risk management, taking and strengthening the role of the risk management competence center in relation to the markets served, and the continuous development of the risk management framework related to the clearing activities.