Strategic directions, points of breakthrough

  • Customer focus
  • Competitiveness
  • Reliability
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
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KELER CCP’s mission

Along with its parent company, KELER Ltd., and thanks to the competitive post-trading services it provides, KELER CCP Ltd. ensures safe and EMIR-compliant operation of the financial and energy markets.

KELER CCP’s vision

KELER CCP operates as a successful infrastructure of the financial and energy markets considered as a provider-of-choice on these markets. KELER CCP accomplishes its competitive strategy by deliberately taking advantage of business opportunities and flexibly adapting to changes in the environment, thus becoming a regional service provider.

Strategic directions, points of breakthrough

Customer focus: We stay close to our clients in order to understand their ever-changing needs and provide them with optimal solutions, continuously increasing their satisfaction.

Competitiveness: in an increasingly competitive market we, as an efficient, flexible and innovative service provider ensure a state-of-the-art service offering and continuous expansion not only in the scope of our services but in our client base in the region as well.

Reliability: We provide professional, high-level services in compliance with the regulations. We maintain our position as an independent and neutral player of the industry.

Cooperation: We cooperate with our clients, our partner exchanges, our owners as well as with regulatory and supervisory authorities. We grow together with our stakeholders.

Innovation: We constantly explore the ever-changing needs of our clients and the market niches, so that we find opportunities to strengthen our market position and enter into new markets with competitive services.

Key themes of the upcoming years

Since obtaining the EMIR license in 2014, the explicit objective of KELER CCP has been to become a regional clearing house. We see more potential to achieve this in the energy markets, since the capital markets are still suffering from the aftermath of the financial crisis and the consequent legislative burdens. The Third Energy Package of the European Union (EU) clearly stipulates the demand for free energy resource flow within the territory of the EU and as a basic pillar it requires the establishment of effective power exchanges. KELER CCP initiated negotiations with the decision makers of the regional countries in order to get the most developed regional clearing house, KELER CCP appointed to manage clearing functions.

Further to the above, we constantly monitor the trends in Europe with the aim to offer clearing and settlement functions to our clients on newly established markets as well. In line with that, we have made steps towards providing services on the soon-to-be-launched Serbian power exchange, SEEPEX, but we are also involved in negotiations around the acquisition of APX by EEX so that we could offer additional markets to our existing clients and attract new, potential ones.